Welcome to Newbury Aikido Club

Newbury Aikido Club is a friendly, sociable club aimed at both juniors (ages 6-15) and seniors (ages 16+) that focuses on the Tomiki style of Aikido. The Tomiki style has proven to be popular with people of all ages.

The club meets at the Riverside Community Centre in Newbury. A typical aikido session will begin with a light warm up and stretching. This will include basic movements that help with the aikido techniques that are practiced later. Various break falls are then performed to ensure that everyone can fall and roll safely.

Aikido consists of avoiding the attack and using the attacker’s force against them. This involves both throws and controls. Each person will act as both attacker and defender during the session.

Techniques will also be practiced in a freestyle attack situation to allow the person to be put under more pressure. This can also build into defending against attacks with weapons and multiple opponents.