Sensei (teachers)


Taking students from 16 years of age onwards the seniors class meets on Monday nights at 8.00pm until 9.30pm, you can turn up to watch or take part, no previous Aikido experience is required. The class is largely informal and will cover the full range of aikido syllabus.

Sensei Grade
Rodney Drake 2nd dan
Shaun Parker 2nd dan
Robert Butcher 2nd dan



Taking students from 6 years of age up to 15 years of age the juniors practice on Saturday 10 am until 11 am. You can turn up at any time to watch or take part. The junior syllabus has all joint locking removed for safety so the junior class focuses on principles (and fun) which can stand them in good stead for learning ‘full’ aikido later on.

We take children’s training very seriously and all our sensei have been through the relevant Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) background check. We have also a welfare officer who will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have. Please email if you have any further queries regarding Newbury Aikido Club Juniors training.

Sensei Grade
Shaun Parker 2nd dan
Robert Butcher 2nd dan
Ros Burgess 1st dan